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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Plexeract Theory Tackles a Seven Dimensional Point

Please bare in mind, Plexeract Theory is an attempt to build in higher dimensions, so in descending order, the probable extra points it would take to be able to do that: 123-105,79-69, 25-21, 13-11


So now we calculate the objects which these numbers describe;

2 points to draw a line, 4 points to make square/plane, 10 points is too much to make a cube, or are it?

So now we need to establish 18 points in a tesseract:

See, the mathematical repetitive says this number (18) will translate to something of use, in a higher dimension :-)

Since, I can infer that a single point is the minimum mathematical expression of an object, and have two proofs of the objects above producing minimal expressions of geometric shapes in dimensions lower that the expression, that I'm correct.

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  1. Because of this dimensional overlap of the fourth dimension in seven dimensional space (which is the dimensional complexity where mass exists), the quanta has no mass, it's just lines.